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Chicken allergies are common in dogs. If you think your pup may have a chicken allergy, chicken-free dog food can lead to a longer, happier life without. Our chicken-free recipes are packed with nutrients, with fresh ingredients sourced in the USA.

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100% Chicken-Free Dry Dog Food

American Natural Premium’s chicken-free dog food recipes contain no chicken, but DO contain the vitamins and nutrients that your pup needs to avoid allergy symptoms and live a happier life. We use real meat and wholesome ingredients, all sourced in the USA. These recipes are good for all breeds and all stages of life.

Why Choose a Chicken-Free Dog Food?

After generations of eating food with chicken in it, many dogs have developed an allergic reaction to it. You may notice some of the following symptoms if your dog is having an allergic reaction to food.

Red, itchy skin, especially on the paws, abdomen, face and ears.

Rashes and hives

Fur loss

If you haven’t yet, consult your veterinarian on what food your dog may be allergic to. Using chicken-free dog food for the first time is one step in an elimination diet to determine if chicken is culprit. Check out our grain-free and legume-free recipes as well. We have a healthy dog food recipe for every dog in town.

Premium Nutrition for Your Pup


At American Natural Premium, we know that you treat your dog like family. We’re dog owners too! That’s why we’re dedicated to providing premium nutrition with the highest quality ingredients for dogs of all breeds and ages. Try a bag of American Natural Premium today, and find out why our customers keep coming back for more.