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Best Dog Food for Shih Tzus: From Puppy to Senior Stages

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu dogs are an incredibly popular breed, renowned for their affectionate nature and compact size. Despite their small stature, Shih Tzus are energetic, requiring a balanced diet to meet their nutritional needs. When choosing the best dog food for Shih Tzu dogs, American Natural Premium stands out, offering a comprehensive range of nutrients and ensuring your lovable companion stays healthy from the puppy stage to the senior years.

An Overview of Shih Tzu Dogs

Shih Tzus are a toy breed characterized by their lively nature and flowing double coat. The breed originated from Tibet, and the Chinese royalty treasured them. Shih Tzus came to the Western world in the 20th century, known for their distinct appearance with round, wide-set eyes and a pushed-in nose.

Shih Tzus are outgoing and playful, yet they have a gentle demeanor, making them perfect companions. Meeting their dietary requirements is an integral part of their overall health, and choosing the best dog food for Shih Tzu dogs ensures they maintain a healthy weight and shiny coat.

Dietary Needs of Shih Tzu Puppies

Shih Tzu puppies need a higher calorie intake per pound of body weight than adults. Choosing a high-quality puppy food that supports their energy levels, bone development, and overall health is important.

  • Protein Requirements: Shih Tzu puppies need 20 to 25% protein.
  • Calorie Requirements: Shih Tzu puppies and seniors require an estimated daily caloric intake of 280 calories.
  • Feeding Schedule and Portions: For Shih Tzu puppies under three months, allow them to eat freely to help avoid hypoglycemia or low blood sugar levels. For Shih Tzu puppies between three to 12 months, transition to a daily ration of about half a cup of high-energy puppy food, distributed over three to four feeding times.
  • Nutritional Supplements for Growth: Maintaining a shiny coat and healthy skin heavily relies on sufficient essential fatty acids, predominantly Omega-3 and Omega-6. Vitamin E and C are also beneficial, along with calcium and phosphorus.

Dietary Mistakes To Avoid

It’s equally crucial to avoid common dietary mistakes that can severely impact the overall health of your Shih Tzu. Some of these include:

  • Overfeeding or underfeeding
  • Not choosing healthy ingredients
  • Ignoring food labels
  • Quick changes in food diet
  • Ignoring weight gain or loss

Transitioning to an Adult Shih Tzu Dog Diet

As Shih Tzu puppies mature, their nutritional needs change. Around the age of one, it’s time to transition to an adult dog diet gradually. Choose a dog food formula designed for small breeds and ensure it meets the specific requirements of adult Shih Tzus.

Choosing the Best Dog Food for Shih Tzu Dogs

The best dog food for Shih Tzu dogs should contain high-quality protein sources, moderate carbohydrates, essential vitamins and minerals, and lower calories than puppy food but higher fiber.

  • Protein Requirements: Adult Shih Tzus need approximately 15 to 20% protein-rich foods.
  • Calorie Requirements: For adult Shih Tzus, around 340 calories per day is the typical requirement. Those with a more active lifestyle may need up to 540 calories daily.

American Natural Premium is the best dog food for Shih Tzu dogs because the recipes include all-natural ingredients. The premium dog food is free from preservatives and contains all the nutritional requirements of adult Shih Tzu dogs.

Monitoring Weight and Adjusting Portions

Given Shih Tzus’ compact stature and relatively low activity levels, the dogs are susceptible to obesity. Regulating the quantity of their feed and providing two nutritious meals a day can aid in maintaining an optimal weight. Modify the food portion sizes to suit the dog’s age, weight, and physical activity levels.

Special Considerations for Toy Dogs and Senior Shih Tzus

Toy breeds — despite their petite stature — are brimming with personality. Like other toy breeds, Shih Tzus are intelligent, energetic, and often possess a robust protective impulse. However, unlike medium- or large-breed dogs, Shih Tzus face specific challenges due to their elevated metabolic rates. A deficiency in calorie intake can lead to hypoglycemia.

As your Shih Tzu transitions into the golden years, a shift to a diet catering to senior dogs is imperative. The diet should align with their energy expenditure and be rich in nutrients that counteract prevalent joint, digestion, and skin and coat issues.

  • For joint health, seek out meals with glucosamine and chondroitin.
  • Foster good digestion through ample fiber and probiotics.
  • Fortify the immune system with a selection of vitamins and minerals.
  • Protect the skin and coat through high-quality omegas.
  • Consider a diet with lower calorie content.

Special Considerations for Shih Tzu Dogs With Health Conditions

Like any other breed, Shih Tzus may experience health conditions requiring special dietary considerations. If your dog is dealing with allergies, sensitivities, or specific health issues, work closely with your veterinarian to choose a dog food that addresses your Shih Tzu’s unique requirements. Shih Tzu dogs can also be prone to hip dysplasia, which is typically associated with larger breeds. In this case, a diet that supports joint health and weight management is crucial.

A healthy diet is the foundation for a happy and thriving Shih Tzu. American Natural Premium helps prevent and reduce the effects of various health issues that Shih Tzus may face through the formulas specifically designed for healthy growth and development.

Homemade vs Commercial Dog Food

While some dog owners opt for homemade diets, ensuring they meet all the nutritional needs of Shih Tzus is crucial. The best dog food for Shih Tzu dogs conveniently provides high-quality ingredients in balanced proportions. If you choose a homemade approach or combine it with commercial dog food, consult your veterinarian to create a nutritious meal plan.

Contact American Natural Premium Today

Ultimately, providing the best dog food for Shih Tzu dogs is integral to responsible pet ownership. From puppyhood to senior years, paying attention to your dog’s nutritional requirements, monitoring weight, and addressing health conditions can ensure that your beloved companions have long and happy lives.

American Natural Premium stands out as a top choice, offering a well-balanced formula that caters to the unique needs of Shih Tzus at different stages of life. Contact us today for bulk order inquiries.

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