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Best Dog Food for Pomeranian Dogs: A Guide for Toy Dog Owners


Pomeranian dogs are a cherished breed among dog lovers with their endearing fox-faced look and vivacious nature. Poms may be small, but they are packed with personality and energy! Maintaining these little balls of fur in optimal health requires a diet that matches their unique nutritional needs. American Natural Premium — the best dog food for Pomeranian dogs — provides owners with a formulated diet that caters to their dog’s needs.

Let’s look closer at these lively and lovable dogs’ nutritional requirements.

An Overview of Pomeranian Dogs

The Pomeranian is the tiniest among the spitz breeds. Despite their petite stature — rarely exceeding seven pounds — Pomeranians exude the captivating presence of larger dogs. These dogs sport a lush double coat that drapes over their chest and shoulders, creating a frill-like appearance. Renowned for their alertness and intellectual prowess, Pomeranians excel in training and serve as excellent watchdogs.

Dietary Needs of Pomeranian Puppies

Pomeranian puppies have an incredibly high energy level. The premium-quality food, specifically created for puppies of small dog breeds, stands out as the finest selection for your growing pet.

  • Protein, Fat, and Fiber Requirements: Pomeranian puppies need a dietary intake of 25-30% protein, 12-18% fat, and fiber content of around 6%.
  • Feeding Portions: A Pomeranian puppy should get a daily food portion ranging from 0.27 to 0.45 cups. This serving should carry between 93 and 156 kcal.
  • Feeding Schedule: During weaning up to three months old, distribute their meals four times daily. As they grow — between four months to one year — slowly modify their feeding schedule to three daily meals.
  • Nutritional Supplements for Growth: If your Pomeranian is on a commercially prepared diet that satisfies their nutrient demands, you don’t need to add supplements.

Dietary Mistakes To Avoid

Pomeranian puppies may have fussy eating habits, but owners must ensure they get a balanced and nutritious diet. Resist the urge to offer leftovers, as certain foods safe for human consumption may pose health risks to dogs. Avoid overfeeding and underfeeding, as it can lead to weight problems and nutritional deficiencies.

Transitioning to an Adult Pomeranian Diet

Pomeranians typically reach adulthood when they are one year old. However, you can transition them from puppy food to adult food a little earlier, around nine to ten months. This age is usually when their growth significantly decelerates, and the higher fat content in puppy formulas becomes somewhat excessive for their needs.

Choosing the Best Dog Food for Pomeranian Dogs

When Pomeranian puppies become adults, they will be in their most active stage and need protein and carbohydrates to maintain optimal weight and energy levels. American Natural Premium — the best dog food for Pomeranian dogs — offers an ideal balance of all the essential nutrients.

  • Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat, and Fiber Requirements: The dietary regimen for fully grown and mature Pomeranians should have 30% protein, a comparable proportion of carbohydrates, and a composition of 15-20% fats and fibers.
  • Feeding Portion: You should feed an adult Pomeranian 0.46 to 0.60 cups of nutrient-dense food daily. This portion should offer an energy value ranging from 138 to 165 kilocalories.
  • Feeding Schedule: Your adult Pomeranians should adhere to a twice-daily feeding schedule, ideally setting a 12-hour interval between meals.

Monitoring Weight and Adjusting Portions

Due to their petite stature, Pomeranians require a diet of quality nutrients to sustain their body weight and fortify their skeletal structure. Any deficiency or surplus in this area may lead to various health issues, potentially preventing your dog from achieving optimal growth and health. Regularly monitor your Pomeranian’s weight to ensure their daily calorie intake is not overshooting their activity levels, leading to obesity.

Special Considerations for Toy Dogs, Show Dogs, and Senior Pomeranian Dogs

Poms are toy dogs known for being friendly and social and for their ability to thrive across diverse lifestyles. Many are also show dogs whose nutritional needs may differ slightly from those of regular pet breeds. Show dogs require a diet that guarantees shiny and healthy coats, strong muscles, and overall physical stability.

Additionally, older Pomeranians may have a reduced appetite due to decreased activity levels. In such cases, ensure you meet the following nutritional requirements:

  • Protein, Fat, and Fiber Requirements: The ideal nutritional makeup of senior Pomeranian dog food should be approximately 20% protein, alongside a composition of 10% each for fats and fiber.
  • Feeding Portion: Senior and geriatric Pomeranians should receive a daily food quantity between 0.35 to 0.45 cups. The food provided should have a nutritional value ranging from 104 to 120 kilocalories.
  • Feeding Schedule: Distribute the daily food intake of your senior Pomeranians into two meals per day, or follow specific feeding schedules by a veterinary professional.

Special Considerations for Pomeranian Dogs with Health Conditions

Pomeranian dogs have predispositions to health conditions. Besides allergies, Pomeranians may suffer from hypoglycemia or an abrupt decline in blood glucose levels. Hip dysplasia and other joint problems may also be prevalent.

The best dog food for Pomeranian dogs supports overall health and provides essential nutrients for specific health conditions. American Natural Premium uses only real natural ingredients, ensuring your Pomeranian dog receives optimal nutrition while maintaining a healthy weight, which is crucial for preventing and managing health issues.

Homemade vs Commercial Dog Food

Homemade dog food allows owners to have complete control over the ingredients. However, this approach requires time, knowledge, and effort to ensure that the meals are nutritionally balanced and safe. On the other hand, commercial dog foods are designed to meet the nutritional standards established by pet food regulatory authorities, offering a convenient, balanced, and often more affordable diet.

American Natural Premium stands out in the commercial pet food industry by acknowledging these considerations and offering a solution rooted in convenience and health. With American Natural Premium, you can trust that you provide high-quality, balanced nutrition that supports your pets’ overall well-being.

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When choosing the best dog food for Pomeranian dogs, American Natural Premium is a reliable and nutritious option. Our commitment to using only natural ingredients and meeting nutritional standards ensures your Pomeranian receives the essential nutrients they need for optimal health. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

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